PET's Transition from Syracuse to Florida State

Geoffrey Fox and his research group have been involved in the PET Program since its inception. During roughly the first four years of the program Fox was Director of the Northeast Parallel Architecture Center (NPAC) at Syracuse University (SU). NPAC was involved in a wide variety of activities sponsored by each of the four PET programs, with Fox providing overall academic leadership and NPAC staff leading specific projects.

In March 2000, commensurate with Fox's move to the School of Computational Science and Information Technology (CSIT) at Florida State University (FSU), the majority of NPAC PET activities began to transition to CSIT as each of the four contracts reaches its anniversary and its "Year 5" begins.

There are two exceptions to the shift of PET work from Syracuse to Florida State: Forces Modeling and Simulation activities, supported by ARL and ERDC, remain at SU under the leadership of Wojtek Furmanski of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The Tango Interactive collaboration system, which was a significant focus of NPAC's PET-sponsored work, has been licensed to SU spinoff for commercialization.

These pages cover all past NPAC work as well as that carried out at CSIT.