DoD PET Program

The Department of Defense (DoD) High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) "will provide advanced hardware, computing tools and training to DOD researchers utilizing the latest technology to aid their mission in support of the warfighter." (from the Modernization Office homepage)

Programming Environment and Training (PET) is a component of the Modernization Program with the objective of enabling the user community to utilize DoD HPC resources to their fullest capacity and to extend the range of applicability to DoD technical problems through training, support for software development, and technology transfer. The PET Program includes teams of universities associated with each of the four Major Shared Resource Centers (MSRCs) operated by the Modernization Program. Collectively, around two dozen universities are involved in the four PET teams (many unversities work with multiple MSRCs).

Prof. Geoffrey Fox and his research group have been involved in PET since its inception, first at Syracuse University and now at Florida State and works in a variety of areas. A sampling of past and present projects includes...

For more detailed information...

For more information about CSIT PET activities, please contact Geoffrey Fox. For information about PET in general, and the activities of other team members, please visit the MSRC web sites.

DoD Major Shared Resource Centers

ARL Army Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, MD
Prime Contractor: Raytheon E-Systems (PET managed by HPTI)
PET Academic Lead Institution: National Center for Supercomputer Applications
Prime Contract Date: 1996-08-22
CTAs Supported: CCM, CFD, CSM, FMS, IMT, SIP
CSIT Supports: Information & Communications. Note.
ASC Air Force Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH 
Prime Contractor: Nichols Research Corporation, now a division of Computer Sciences Corportation (CSC)
PET Academic Lead Institution: Ohio Supercomputer Center
Prime Contract Date: 1996-05-12
CTAs Supported: CCM, CEA, CEN, CFD, CSM
CSIT Supports: Information & Communications
ERDC Engineer Research and Development Center at Vicksburg, MS
Until 1 October 1999 known as the Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station (CEWES)
Prime Contractor: Nichols Research Corporation, now a division of Computer Sciences Corportation (CSC)
PET Academic Lead Institution: Engineering Research Center, Mississippi State University
Prime Contract Date: 1996-03-27
CTAs Supported: CFD, CSM, CWO, EQM, FMS
CSIT Supports: Collaboration & Communications, Training. Note.
NAVO Naval Oceanographic Office at Stennis Space Center, Bay St. Louis, MS
Prime Contractor: Logicon (formerly Northrup Grumman Data Systems and Services)
PET Academic Lead Institution: Oregon State University
Prime Contract Date: 1996-06-01; shifted contracting to match Federal fiscal year in 1999
CTAs pSupported: CEA, CFD, CWO, EQM, SIP