CIS 5930-08 Spring 2001
Applications of Information Technology II
aka Technologies for an Information Age II

Course Syllabus

The Internet is the most important distributed computer system, and it has spawned the most remarkable and general-purpose software. In studying the Internet we study distributed computing--hardware and software.
The initial IT1 course teachs students the basic programming skills and languages that are needed to implement distributed Web applications. This IT1 Coursework includes basic Java programming with an emphasis on building servlets and server-side Java applications, networking and distributed objects with RMI, and database connectivity using JDBC. It1 also covers some client-side technologies including applets. Background material on Web architecture and networking will be included.
IT2 builds on IT1 and starts with an in depth study of XML and its tools. This is used as a vehicle for discussing ECMASript (JavaScript). We will use Enterprise Javabeans as the basic middle tier building block and use this as an illustration of the more general CORBA approach. SOAP and Jini are described as further distributed object technologies. We will describe Java Micro Edition and programming handheld devices so they can be used to access the emerging "Wireless Web"

Prerequisite: IT1 or equivalent

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