Course Information CIS 5930-08
Spring 2001



Dr.Geoffrey Fox Associate Director, School of Computational Science and Information Technology
Professor of Computer Science
(850) 644-4587
Office 495, Floor 4 of Dirac Science Library.
Dr.Bryan Carpenter School of Computational Science and Information Technology
Visiting Scholar
(850) 644-0180
Office 494, Floor 4 of Dirac Science Library.

Course Assistant

Xi Rao Computational Science and Information Technology
Office 477B, Floor 4 of Dirac Science Library.

Technical Assistance

Ozgur Balsoy Computational Science and Information Technology
Graduate Research Assistant
(850) 644-7012
Office 481C, Floor 4 of Dirac Science Library.

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday 
2:30 pm - 3:20 pm
499 Dirac Science Library


Read them! Although this class can be taken by using solely materials on the web, you may find one or more of the many Internet technology books may be helpful. For IT1, we recommended one of the two Java books given at the end of the list below. For IT2, we list a set of useful books covering XML, JavaScript, Enterprise Javabeans and J2ME (Java 2 Microedidtion).



Method of Course Delivery

All course assignments will be posted on the class Web page and completed assignments and projects will be published on the Web by the students. Grades will also be available on-line.

Students will be given CSIT Unix accounts for their coursework. We will assume that students can access these accounts through telnet from a PC or Unix workstation. Software systems, such as the Java compilers and servlet web server, will be available through the CSIT accounts. These accounts will also provide a class web server with directories where students can make their own homework web page and post their assignments.

We encourage you to use email for individual interactions with the instructors and TA's. Please don't hesitate to ask questions about the homework, lectures or the text!

Course Work

The course work for CIS 5930-08 will consist of 5-6 individual programming assignments.

For all classes, emphasis will be given to the fact that all assignments (and the project) must be given a written description on your homework web page.

Late assignments will receive a deduction in points based on the degree of lateness and to what extent the lateness was caused by technical difficulties.

Individual programming assignments are intended to ensure familiarity with the concepts of Web architecture and the details of programming. The projects are intended to apply these principles to Web applications programmed using Java.