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Applications of Information Technology II

Spring 2001

homework 5

homework5 guide

Due Wednewday, March 26, 2001

1)Read about Enterprise Javabeans at level of O'Reilly Book

2) Extend the definition of the Book entity bean described in class to include additional persistent fields, such a publisher information, price, etc. Change the primary key field from the integer ISBN to the book titel string. What changes will be needed in the deployment procedure?

Write a client program that populates the book database by creating a series of Book beans.

Rewrite the methods on the Cart session bean, discussed in class, to access Book entity beans. The addBook() method should now save a string describing the book in detail (reflecting the fields you have added the entity bean).

3) We will set a "real" EJB homework when we have set up software environment on Sirah. After that there will be no other homeworks. "Just" a project which should involve a 3 or 4 tier application using Databases XML EJB and JavaScript on client. Please start thinking about what this should be.