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Applications of Information Technology II

Spring 2001

homework 3

Due Friday, Feb 23, 2001

Consider a purchaseOrder XML Instance of type used in class and previous homeworks. Produce two such instances -- one with 2 <item> elements and one with 200. In each case make certain that partNum values are unique.

Write a Client-- Server application where the client has some simple user interface (in an applet, application or html form) and server has a Java XML Parser and a Servlet.

Your server must read XML instances and produce output as requested by client.

The client specifies among other things whether to use a SAX or DOM parser. One output line is always processing time. Consider to types of client
a) Client specifies an input file and requests information about a single part number. This information is returned to client
b) Client requests a new version of input file with all values listed as CA replaced by California and the last item repeated N times (take N=199 to find an instance with 200 items) and with part number incremented by 1 each time.

Time the SAX and DOM solutions and comment on your results.