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Applications of Information Technology II

Spring 2001

homework 2

Due Wednesday, Jan 31, 2001

Read the XML Schema Primer at http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-0/ as well as my summary at http://aspen.csit.fsu.edu/it2spring01/lectures/it2xmltech01.ppt or http://aspen.csit.fsu.edu/it2spring01/lectures/it2xmltech01.html
Construct the schema for a modification of po.xsd in the W3C site and my notes These are required modificationa

1) comment is allowed in any element as an attribute and does not appear itself as a separate element
2) In items or PurchaseOrderType or their children, elements can appear in any order
3) No anonymous types are used
4) Add a bugs element linked by ID/IDREF to PurchaseOrder and Item which has sub-elements DateReceived DateAnswered NatureofProblem Action