Grid Computing environments: Special Issue of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

CCPE LogoConcurrency and Computation:Practice and Experience ( known as Concurrency:Practice and Experience until Dec 00) proposes to publish a special issue for the Grid Computing Environments.

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The Amsterdam Conference can be found here with GCE activities here.

Structure of papers

There is a template below for documents produced by the Grid Forum. This is not intended to dictate form of Concurrency paper which should be the best you can do in this area. The template tells you some issues that some people think are interesting.

Here is process and timeline for Special Issue on Grid Computing environments

  1. Special Issue open to anybody
  2. Paper should address or use as guidance issues in updated template on the Computing Portals Site
  3. Each author team agrees to referee 3 of their colleague's papers
  4. Paper submitted by July 23 2001
  5. There are no particular page limits other than what referees consider reasonable
  6. Everything will be done electronically. Please submit PDF or equivalent format (postscript,word)
  7. We will choose papers for individuals to referee based on any preferences expressed.
  8. There will be 3 papers for each author team to referee
  9. Referee reports will be due mid September 2001 and sent to authors
  10. Final paper versions due end of October 2001
  11. In the August to October time period, we will prepare a summary of all the submissions to be included in special issue
  12. Publication in early 2002 (January or February)