About NPACI HotPage

The HotPage, the best known computing portal provides users and developers with a set of simple, modular services and tools that facilitate seamless access to NPACI grid (including high performance computers, high-speed file archival systems, and metacomputing systems such as Globus).

Key features

   1. It is provided by NPACI(the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure at the San Diego Supercomputer Center).

   2. It is is designed to increase the effectiveness of users of NPACI's HPC resources.

   3. The NPACI Scientific Computing department provides the NPACI HotPage which accesses user documentation, news, training, and consulting information, as well as active features such as operational status of compute resources, current MOTDs, and automated batch script generation.

   4. It provides active features such as:

   5. Technologies

Comparing with Gateway computing portal

   1. The HotPage has well-defined document systems linked into high performance computers and high-speed file archival systems.
   2. The HotPage has an important capability for providing job status information to the user.



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